About Us

Acid Cupcakes was founded by Gabrielle Alicea and Simone Webb in February 2012 when the two decided to sell some of their previously loved clothing to make enough money to get their own apartment. It wasn’t until they began styling models and curating more items for their shop, that they realized their passion for fashion, and helping people feel good about themselves.

Since 2012, Acid Cupcakes has had over 5 pop up shops, been featured in many publications including Huffington Post and Racked.com, and has customers in Germany, Hawaii, NYC, ATL, LA, and many other major cities.

Acid Cupcakes prides itself on supplying people with ready to wear and custom-made pieces that never go out of style. We love catering to the woman who is not afraid to be herself at all times!!

From the 80's to 90's and beyond! We feature dope styles, and retro clothing at discounted prices! AcidCupcake pieces are one of its kind, once sold out they won't be restocked.

We take special care of your item before shipping it out. Please Allow 5 to 10 business days for shipping (excluding weekends and holidays).


All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are accepted after 24 hours. Most of our pieces are vintage and are all individually inspected before being shipped out to ensure only the highest quality garments are being sent to you. Please follow the care instructions on the label to ensure you do not encounter any problems and to prolong the life of your garment. Acid Cupcakes garments are sourced from all over and will normally experience slight "wear and tear”.  Some garments may appear a slightly different shade in person. 

Office hours: 9am-5pm. (407) 534-3700